Date: February 20, 2017
Created by: Dawood Pathan

Why Your Coffee Shop Needs Customer Brand Ambassadors

Why Your Coffee Shop Needs Customer Brand Ambassadors

Your customers can be some of your most valued ambassadors and can help to increase awareness and business growth for your coffee shop. Here are 3 reasons why your coffee shop needs customer brand ambassadors:

1) Authenticity

Customer brand ambassadors are real customers who genuinely enjoy your offerings, services and the experience you create. Given this, they are more effective at adding authenticity to your business reputation in comparison to brand influencers. Whilst brand influencers can also increase brand awareness, they are often given incentives to promote your establishment and are not as genuine or passionate about what you offer.

2) Co-promote Your Brand

Devoting a little more time and attention to your customers can make them feel valued and appreciated. Whether this is through friendly conversation or simple gestures of gratitude, it can lead your customers to willingly co-promote your brand. Building healthy and friendly relationships with your customers can develop into stronger customer retention and brand loyalty.

3) Grab Every Opportunity

Footfall numbers are great for estimating potential sales for your coffee shop but are also a good indicator as to how far your brand reputation can travel. Considering you’ll most likely have hundreds of potential customers visit your establishment daily that is hundreds of opportunities to share your brand story. If you also consider the connections of each and every customer visiting your coffee shop, you will realise you have an enormous reach to get your brand out there.

By Dawood Pathan

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