Date: March 9, 2017
Created by: Dawood Pathan

How Branding Influences Your Coffee Shop Design

How Branding Influences Your Coffee Shop Design

Your visual identity is important to communicate your business values, offerings and the experience within your coffee shop. Here we look at how branding influences your coffee shop interior design.

1) Establish Your Branding

Creating a strong brand identity before beginning your coffee shop interior design is a must. Establishing your brand values, story and personality will help you and your consumers to understand what your business is all about and can help to guide the interior design of your establishment. Strong branding will channel your business values, communicate your offering and speak your brand story.

2) Your Interior Design

Your visual identity can have influence on your coffee shop’s interior design from the use of colours and artwork to the style of finishes and materials. A well-considered interior will reflect your business values and strengthen your visual image.


Your brand values can help to establish a general theme for your interior design, which in turn, could have influence on other elements. Popular trends include the industrial-look utilising metals and angular shapes to more rustic and nature-inspired design using woods and earthy materials.


Your choice and style of furniture will take influence from the theme of your coffee shop but will predominately be dependent on the type of your shop operation and consumers. A small-sized establishment may focus more on take-away trade, opting for high stools and high bars. Meanwhile, a coffee shop appealing to families with a larger shop floor may incorporate more communal and mixed seating.


Your brand colours do not necessarily have to make a loud appearance throughout your interior design but could focus on using subtle pops of colour through finishes and artwork to create a nice balance between all of your elements.


Utilise free walls to showcase your branding, whether it be your logo blown up onto an exposed brick wall or perhaps a subtle wall paper with your brand pattern and colours. These are only a few tasteful examples of how you could introduce your branding within your interior design. However, how you display artwork should also reflect back on your brand’s personality and character.

By Dawood Pathan

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