Date: March 2, 2017
Created by: Dawood Pathan

Can Technology Improve Your Coffee Shop Experience?

Can Technology Improve Your Coffee Shop Experience?

The coffee industry is fast evolving to a point where technology is essential in improving your coffee shop experience both as a consumer and operator. Here are 3 ways technology could improve your coffee shop experience:

1) Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules have seen a rise in popularity in recent years questioning whether technology can actually improve the quality of coffee. Coffee capsules are manufactured using appropriate grind sizes and packaged using air-tight materials, preserving the freshness of coffee for longer and leaving water the only variable left to chance. Given the amount of variables in traditional coffee-making, it is arguable that coffee capsules can produce a better level of consistency within every cup.

Despite this, coffee capsules are not expected to replace espresso machines in coffee shops any time soon, but may be seen as an alternative brewing method to achieve better control and consistency.

2) Mobile App Data

The present consumer is becoming increasingly tech-savvy, expecting baristas to know their drinking preferences, usual orders and names. Coffee shops with mobile applications can use mobile data to offer a more personalised experience by identifying how customers expect to be rewarded and their drinking habits. Establishments can tailor their services using data to increase engagement with their target market which could increase sales.

3) Digital Screens and Self-ordering systems

As briefly mentioned in our last article ‘Tailored Spaces for Your Coffee Shop Design’, digital screens could replace static menu boards in coffee shops. Digital menu boards allow establishments ease of access to increase the amount of offerings, adjust pricing and include regular promotions.

Similarly, self-ordering stations may eventually make an appearance within coffee shops to increase consumer and staff convenience. Self-ordering systems can reduce the pressure on staff during busy periods which in turn can lower the rate of staff error.

By Dawood Pathan

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