Date: February 6, 2017
Created by: Dawood Pathan

5 Logo Design Trends to Watch in 2017

5 Logo Design Trends to Watch in 2017  

Your restaurant or coffee shop logo will play a big part in communicating your brand values and image. Here we take a look at what logo design trends we can expect to see throughout 2017:

1) Gradients

Gradients were once abandoned from logo design but are now expected to make a comeback. Instead of using bold and bright colour combinations, subtle and muted hues are predicted as being the new replacement to achieve a softened level of depth and volume.


2) Lettering

Lettering peaked in popularity last year and is expected to continue within 2017. Hand-lettered logos are popular amongst the hospitality industry including coffee shops, bars and restaurants, given the level of bespoke and sophistication that can be achieved with them.

3) GIFs

A fairly new and adventurous trend, GIFs could make an impact on logo design, specifically for digital use. Designers could look to animate logos via GIFs on websites or apps to give brand identities a more engaging and interactive identity.

4) Letter Stacking

Letter stacking involves placing text horizontally or vertically to create a visually appealing logo. The technique is particularly used with a large word or message and is sometimes paired with additional graphics for added visual impact.

5) Vintage

The element of nostalgia can often create strong relationships between brands and consumers. Not only can vintage-like logos achieve this but can also establish a sense of credibility and authenticity. Think of Natwest or Co-op who last year reverted back to their original logos to reconnect with their consumers.

It’s still early days to see which of these trends will trump all although it is evident many are already in practice from small independents to global brands.

By Dawood Pathan

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